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That, and to bring their smoked whitefish crostini into the world.

You also want a place where you don’t have to wait twenty minutes for a seat at the bar while they think about all the things they’d rather be doing than dating you.Or, maybe you just got dumped three hours ago and surprised yourself with how quickly you could score a phone number.No matter why you’re single, you’d rather not be, and that’s where we come in.You were chatting about music when your date texted you that Mumford and Sons is “so raw and experiential” and the only logical thing to do was lie through your teeth and say “I have every album on vinyl.” Eventually you’ll have to admit that you initially thought Mumford and Sons was a shoe repair shop, but for now, make moves to The Sexton.This small Ballard bar is basically folksy music personified as a drinking establishment.

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